A new beginning

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 I begin once again, slowly and kindly.

I belong only to myself and my Life is my new employer.

I cultivate contacts.

I observe everything that happens and arrives.

Nothing is by chance. Even this moment.

I choose to walk. And to stop, if I want to.

I choose to start over. With kindness. Starting from Me.

Antonella Palumbo

New beginning. LIVE, GROW, LOVE, GLOW. Body is a temple, Soul is a garden.

Looking at my past as a sequence of a film, or in written pages of a story, I see a circular pattern, which is repeated and repeated as the geometric and floral dance of a wallpaper decorative motif.

It is the alternation of crisis and rebirths. Every time, at every resurrection from the ashes of what I was, I find myself with less understanding of the whole, but a broad understanding of extra details.

The overall image is enlarged and cannot fully be grasped, but the details become more exhaustive facts, and I can say much of each of them.

In this cycle, this breath of fresh air after a long time spent in apnea beneath the waves, I feel I have focused elements that brought me a radiant glowing wellness.

From these elements, that shine with their own light and of which I’m a goodwill ambassador, I start this new era of my life.

Balance is possible! A juicy life, infused with honesty and nutrition, in healthy conciliation with the most subtle and vibrant pleasures is possible.

Shining from the inside out is the result of a simple practice of wisdom, one that everyone can bring harmoniously in hectic and complicated lives.

New beginning. LIVE, GROW, LOVE, GLOW. Body is a temple, Soul is a garden.

Changing the way you take food, from the gesture of just eating to the one of nourishing your whole being, is something possible.

For me, this meant starting to eat healthy highly nutritious plant-based foods, based on natural, complete and organic ingredients: a vast selection of vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, buds, fruit, leaves, superfoods. I gave up industrially processed foods, refined ingredients, additives,white sugar and also alcohol, apart from some rare occasion, when to celebrate with others in harmony is more nutritious than being inflexible.

It is possible to practice every day harmonious workout and sweet and short rituals for the body, which is transformed into a temple of strength and balance.

It is possible to find an inner balance through the contemplation of nature, art, a community of near and far persons, through the life that unfolds around us.

New beginning. LIVE, GROW, LOVE, GLOW. Body is a temple, Soul is a garden.

The result I got  from all these changes is an effortless healthy way of life, motivated by curiosity, enthusiasm, joy, discovery, adventure, wonder, strength, light, absolute wellness.

I want to tell to as many people as possible about this new dimension of effortless, affordable, wellness, that  is so nourishing on a physical mental, spiritual and emotional level.

Enjoying  the freedom of a more natural lifestyle, living a life full of healthy food and joyful movement is something possible to achieve, at least in part, if it was possible for me.

New beginning. LIVE, GROW, LOVE, GLOW. Body is a temple, Soul is a garden.

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  1. June 6, 2016 / 12:29 am

    The inner balance on yourself could be composed by draft during life time. I hope to follow you converting my tensions in the shades of a raimbow… but currently I have got a summer storm 🙂

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